Fundraising Opportunities

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Most electronic products used in the workplace and homes contain hazardous substances such as lead and mercury. When these products reach the end of their useful lives or become obsolete, some are considered hazardous waste. Hazardous waste may not be discarded in the regular trash! A great option for disposal of this waste is to bring those items to collection events! And help the environment while helping raise money for a worthy cause!

eRecycle TC can help your organization with a fundraising event for the collection of e-waste. We will work with you on a program and day for the event. Please call us to discuss the service. Residents and businesses with unwanted electronics may take them to the announced locations on the scheduled dates. There will be collection trucks ready to take your unwanted electronics. People can stop and learn more about your organization. Most items will be collected for a donation to your organization. Some items such as TVs, and copiers require a disposal fee, so a set amount would need to be charged for these items.

These will be win-win events and are responsible ways to properly dispose of electronics at a convenient location.

Do your part to help clean up the environment!
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